Monday, June 1, 2009

What to Grow- Shrubs, Part 3

Amelanchier alnifolia / WESTERN SERVICEBERRY

A large deciduous shrub or tree to 15 ft. tall and about as wide. Attractive, rounded, bluish green leaves color softly in fall. Spidery white flowers open in spring, soon followed by edible blue fruits that are best cooked. There are cultivars with superior fruit. Wants good drainage, prefers sun.

Arctostaphylos x media / HYBRID MANZANITA

Variable, spreading evergreen shrub mounding to 1-3 ft. deep at the center, spreading over the ground several feet each way. Small, grayish, oval leaves make a fairly dense cover. Pink-white flowers showy in spring. Excellent on sunny, well-drained slopes; liable to fungus in too much shade or moisture.

Arctostaphylos uvaursi / KINNIKINNIK

Evergreen prostrate shrub carpeting rocks and sandy soils around the Northern Hemisphere. Small, shiny rounded leaves make a dense carpet. Small pink flowers lead to red fruits. Long a popular groundcover, needing only good drainage and sun.

Arctostaphylos viscida / WHITELEAVED MANZANITA

An erect evergreen shrub of SW Oregon and California, to 6-8 ft. tall. Thick, rounded, pale green or blue leaves on gnarled maroon branches. Clusters of pink flowers in late winter. This is the easiest of these beautiful but challenging shrubs to grow in our region. Give it excellent drainage and plenty of sun.

Lonicera involucrata / TWINBERRY

A tall evergreen shrub making thickets 6-8 ft. tall and much wider. Bright green foliage is luxuriant. Branches studded with pairs of yellow flowers hanging from red bracts, and later, black pea-sized fruits. Plain but useful filler for moist areas or hedgerows, and actually stands drought; excellent wildlife value.

Paxistima myrsinites / MOUNTAIN BOX

Evergreen shrub 2-4 ft. tall and somewhat wider. Fine twigs carry flat sprays of small, box-like leaves. Tiny maroon flowers not showy. Attractive and easy to grow, but seldom planted. Best in dry light shade; needs good drainage.

Philadelphus lewisii / WESTERN MOCK ORANGE

Deciduous shrub to 8 ft. tall with usually greater spread. Arching branches hold sprays of small, deeply veined leaves. White, inch-wide, deliciously fragrant flowers open in late spring. Grows in many environments, moist to dry, sunny or fairly shady. Plant where you can enjoy the fragrance.

Physocarpus capitatus / PACIFIC NINEBARK

A large deciduous shrub, to 10 ft. tall and spreading a bit wider. Graceful arching branches carry maple-shaped leaves and, in spring, white 'golfballs' of fuzzy flowers that make a distinctive show. Best where moist, but handles drought.

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  1. I am loving you blog, Mike!

    BTW - Twinberry is one of my favorite trees. I love the scent!

    Mine has been able to do battle with the hungry deer too!